Giving it up – EP

The EP “Giving It Up” from 2000 TONS is once again based on lifes heavier challenges. Although the full album “Recoils of Shock and Sorrow” has not benefited from the public’s further attention, it was the album that had a mission to show 2000 TONS as a different metal project with ambitions to twist the genre and play with deeper, personal lyrics and musical expression .

“Giving it up” leads the listener on through a similar universe, but with a more aggressive approach to the songs.

  1. The title track opening the EP is inspired by a person who chooses to put his life in alcohol embrace with the loss of both family and work as sacrifices.
  2. “Waited long enough” is about the efforts of personal success for decades without success.
  3. “Took you for another” is looking at the problem of assuming another person for something completely different than what is reality.
  4. The final track is a remix of “Giving it up”.

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